Matches That Time Forgot #50

Shane Douglas never prospered outside of ECW.  You can blame puerile gimmicks and locker room politics for the albatross he lugged around in the preeminent promotions, but there were other factors at play.  For instance, his first run with the WWF came to an abrupt standstill because of his father's moribund health.  I'm not talking about his doomed occupancy of the Dean Douglas moniker.  No, that happened five years later.  Shane debuted as a chipper babyface in 1990, and in an anomalous feat of improbability, he lasted 26 minutes in the Royal Rumble.  Apparently, he was in line for a hearty push.

What would have happened if he had stayed on board?  Taking care of a sick parent was commendable, but did his familial obligations have an adverse effect on his career?  In 1990, the dude was fresh.  He had talent to spare, as evidenced below.  Granted, today's match that time forgot is a forgettable (natch) bout pitting the future "Franchise" against Black Bart, but it does showcase Shane's crisp agility.  Those head-scissor takedowns are fucking fluid.  Hmm, I wasn't expecting to describe something as "fucking fluid" when I woke up this morning.  I move mountains on a regular basis, folks.  FACTOID: For better or worse, Black Bart trained Necro Butcher.

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