My life has been super stressful for a couple of days, so the blog hasn't been super active.  But (there is always a but) Random Reviews will be back in business tomorrow night-ish.  As a quick aside, I like the new Slayer song.  The production is much improved from the neutered World Painted Blood sessions.  The guitars actually sound...y'know, metallic.  Still, I stand with the majority when it comes to the name of the band.  Call it something else, guys.  No Lombardo is one thing, but no Hanneman?  He was your best songwriter by leaps and bounds.  He was arguably the most vital fucking member.

Again, I dig "Implode," but I can't accept the current iteration of Slayer.  It doesn't ring true.

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  1. I hate using this word but meh. I've never been a huge Slayer fan and this doesn't change it, but that was probably not the point.

    I did dig some of the grooves though.