This stunned silence was brought to you by Diet Mtn Dew!

I was originally going to post a book review next, but I can't go forward without commenting on a certain Wrestlemania match.  I'll talk about the rest of the card once Raw is behind us (should be an interesting episode).  If you haven't heard, the streak has ended.  Yeah.  Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker.  Clean.  One, two, three.  I was just as shocked as the crowd members.  I wasn't sure if I was angry or despondent.  Or both.  But I've given it some thought with my booker cap on.  Yes, I have a booker cap.

This isn't a disgrace. Why?

1) Lesnar winning single-handedly made this match memorable.  I don't know if you noticed, but the fans were spiritless and inimical.  They were just waiting for 'Taker to tombstone his way to victory after a routine twenty minutes of signature spots and false finishes.  And it wasn't a very good match either.  As a matter of fact, it was downright sloppy.  If 'Taker won, it simply would have been another placeholder match to dilate the streak.

2) I am now convinced that my beloved 'Taker won't be able to go another year anyway.  He can still wrestle Sting (at SummerSlam perhaps), but unless that was a case of cloak-and-dagger selling, it's clear that the tank is empty.

3) This doesn't hurt Lesnar.  Sure, it doesn't help him, but who would it have helped?  Ending the streak automatically means that you're a heel.  Roman Reigns?  Cesaro?  Daniel Bryan?  Future babyfaces, all of them.  The WWE doesn't need the next big heel; they need the next Hogan, the next Sting, the next Cena.

4) Cry foul if you must, but this was assuredly 'Taker's decision.  He wanted the streak to end.  Shouldn't it be his choice?  Besides, his career shouldn't be defined by the streak alone.

At the end of the day, I'm fine with the streak ending the way it did.  After reading knee-jerk reactions on Twitter, I was compelled to offer a diametric perspective.  Stay tuned to this channel for more gut-shaking action!

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