The Ultimate Warrior R.I.P.

Here is my rambling tribute to The Ultimate Warrior.  You had a good run, Jim.


  1. Something about his promo on Raw struck me as a bit "off". He was obviously excited to be there but he seemed really winded and tired. Watching it I chalked it up to being exhausted after the Hall of Fame/WrestleMania weekend festivities but now it appears something else was going on.

    This is probably going to sound selfish but as a fan the timing is what sucks the most. After going into the HOF and burying all those hatchets, I'm sure I'm not the only one who was hoping that appearance on Raw Monday night was a sign of more appearances to come down the road.

    Fan or not, this is still a monumental loss to not just the WWE but pro wrestling as a whole. Personally I never agreed with everything he said or did but one things for sure, he was never PC or boring.

  2. I agree that the promo felt "off," but it was still beautiful. I agree with pretty much everything you said.