I bet Skeletron did it...

This is just a general update.  I've watched a wide variety of things over the past few days.  I want to hone in on a couple of those things (here's my review of Things while I'm thinking about things).  Turbo Kid just missed out on my Top 5 of 2015 list, as I wasn't able to pack in a viewing under my self-imposed deadline.  It turns out that I happen to love it.  Apple might be one of my favorite characters in the last ten years.  She is relentlessly beaming, and it would be irritating if not for the shrewd dialogue and Laurence Laboeuf's dialed-in performance.  Because of the comic book gore (not to mention the 80's affectations), Turbo Kid has an Astron-6 vibe to it.  I've read allusions to Troma, but no.  No.

It's brutally lightweight.  That's the best description I can muster.  I would trot out a synopsis, but why?  You know that you're going to watch it (if you haven't already, that is).  I felt like it was my civic goddamn duty to sit down with Netflix's Making a Murderer.  Here is what I recently said about it on Facebook:

"Okay, okay, okay...I started watching Making a Murderer. Like, I just started episode three. What the fuck? Hallbach has been presumed dead, Avery is arrested, I know he's still in jail...and there are still seven full episodes left??? That's seven hours! Why should I keep watching? Is there something super juicy I need to know? Is there super juice? Are there fucking zombies in episode eight? DOES THE WOMAN FROM 1985 UNRAPE HERSELF?"

I later wondered if it was all a dream.  Anyway, I hope you can taste my disbelief.  How could there be enough content for that many more episodes?  I totally understand why this series became a nationwide phenomenon, but at this point, you don't need to digest the whole collation (unless you're super, super curious).  Hell, Wikipedia will catch you up.  On the subject of the actual case(s), they are disconcerting displays of power abuse.  I haven't absorbed enough to form an opinion on Avery's culpability in regards to his murder charges, but it wouldn't be a shock to the system to discover that he is innocent.  More at eleven.

I'll be back when I'm back.  Hey, if anyone wants to gift me a copy of 1994's Hellbound on VHS, please get in touch.  Wink, wink.

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