Taya Yellow Ribbon 'Round Dat Ass

On Wednesday night, Taya Valkyrie FINALLY made her Lucha Underground debut.  Over the past year, I've become a fan of her work after discovering that she was the main chick down in AAA.  She's smooth in the ring.  Her body is candy bacon, as far as I'm concerned.  Toned bacon, where all the fat deposits have dripped off and only the luscious flavor remains.  Gulp.  Unfortunately, she didn't wrestle, but I dig the way she was introduced.  It looks like she'll be paired with Johnny Mundo.  I can't wait to see the wreckage they effectuate and later outdistance.

Aside from the main event, E5 (that's "episode five," hombre) of S2 (if that's not self-explanatory, you probably have grandchildren) was a peak/valley batter.  Strong matches, but that's a given with this show.  The only problem that LU could encounter is picking the wrong talent to spotlight.  That's essentially what happened here when Texano tangled with The Crew and...Chavo Guerrero.  Look, nothing against him or the Guerrero clan, but I'd love to see a homogeneous focus on fresh, exciting talent.  That's what makes Twitter pop.  "Twitter?  What the fuck, bro?  You going soft on us?"  Hey, in this case, I care about social media impressions because LU (and by extension, El Ray) needs them.  I want it to keep doing well.

Chavo just strikes me as boring.  Because he's boring.  You know what isn't boring?  This segue!  NXT was spearheaded by a women's tag team match.  Pros - Bayley and Carmella.  Cons - The not-quite-there Nia Jax and the not-even-close Eva Marie.  I must say, I'm perplexed by their booking of the latter two ladies, but at the same time, Bayley has to feud with someone until she faces a serious threat to her title.  And it's going to be a lengthy reign.  She is rumored to be battling Asuka (!!!) at the imminent Takeover event, but outside of Emma, no one else approaches Bayley's level.  Yet.

America Alpha versus Blake & Murphy was fucking sick.  The tag division is nuts.  Unless they're being called up in the next month, Enzo & Cass need to win the straps, and I can't believe they haven't already.  Are they seen as above the gold in NXT?  That could very well be the reason why they are not champions.  Shifting gears, we get Shinsuke Nakamura next week!  Don't forget to hit "Like," and if you enjoyed this video, please subscr...wait.  I don't do that.

PS ~ So Catrina can teleport now.  Alrighty.  I'll go with the flow; just don't empty me out into Flint, Michigan.  Too soon?  Too dated?  This is hard.

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