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So lately, I've been focusing on movie reviews because that's my comfort zone.  It's what I do best.  Obviously, movies aren't the only puddles that we skip across here at RR Inc.  There is also MEHTALZ and WRASSLIN'.  Since I changed my "update schedule," I haven't bothered with other topics of interest, but that ends now.  I'm going to utilize the fan club to do stuff that's been rattling around in the back of my head.  Starting Monday, I will count down my top five favorite Opeth songs.  It won't be easy, as Mikey and the boys have ruled my inner roost for fifteen years now, give or take.  What's that?  You haven't joined the club?

Just click HERE.  Then click "Join" near the top where it says...uh, join.  I might do a new list each week plus whatever else I feel like posting.

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