Blood Capsule #66


Well, I've managed to cap off the trilogy.  I was expecting my third journey with Sinbad to be the least fulfilling, yet here I hunker with cackleberry on my face (it's an egg; don't test me).  The Seventh Voyage is still the best, but Eye of the Tiger ranks above The Golden Voyage.  These are just the opinions of a frail earthling. Honestly, I impeded this viewing, as I forecasted more of the same. Sinbad and his merry mates are skirring the open seas, a princess is pirated (I have cutlass-sharp wit, I tell you), our bevy of swashbucklers encounter cool monsters on their way to an island...that's the thing.  That's the thing I was anticipating.  While the formula isn't trifled with too much, the structure of the script does have its own propulsion judder.

We get two hot chicks in peril.  Jane Seymour and Taryn Power melted the electronics in my wheelchair.  Their performances are commendable, so it's unfortunate that their roles were lazily written. Patrick Wayne injects some personality into Sinbad.  Needles to type, Ray Harryhausen injected A LOT of personality into his creations.  He crafted a baboon (it was decided that a real baboon would be too hard to wrangle), a troglodyte, insectoid freaks (not sure what the fuck they were), a giant saber-toothed tiger (I wanted to cuddle it) and an automaton minotaur (pictured above).  For certain live action scenes, the minotaur was played by Peter Mayhew.  He acted in this suit before he was fitted for Chewbacca. I'm an encyclopedia of film trivia you can find on IMDb.

In conclusion, I had fun watching Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. As an added bonus, Zenobia (the bitch baddie) is the eidetic double of Rita Repulsa.  She even acts like her.  So that's kind of awesome.

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