Tomorrow, I'll be talking about a movie.  But movies are pretentious. Y'know?  Here, let me take a moment to discuss MY ART.  I created a separate Facebook page for scribblings.  Dark stuff.  Right now, I'm in the process of posting a short story as it's being written. I am also going to post poetry in the future.  But wrapped around the stories and the poems is a...well, a wrap-around story.  It's called Fovea, hence the name of the page itself.  Thus far, I've only revealed bits and pieces of it.  Slowly.  Vaguely.  It might be revealing itself to me.

Anyway, check it out HERE.  I need artists!  I would absolutely love to have original art for the cover photo, profile picture and who knows what else?  It would probably have to be a free gig, but think of it this way - you would be handing over your hard work and getting nothing in return!  Granted, that seems like a rotten deal.

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