Welcome to Random Reviews!

My name is Dom Coccaro. I'm an established freelance writer. I like to write reviews, but I find that it's hard to find review-writing gigs on the Internet that pay more than $0.00. I don't like being boxed in and I don't like to constantly give my writing away for free, especially if it's not on my own website. So I created this blog. I'm free to review anything I want to...movies, music, food, beverages, TV shows, gadgets, games, software, etc. Often times, my review selections will seem incredibly random. Randomness is underrated. Thus, Random Reviews has been birthed from my cavernous vagina.

PS-This blog is rated R for profane language.

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  1. So far I love the blog and can't wait for more reviews!! :) I promise to post comments if I've seen the movie - heard the music - drank the drink - or whatever.