I Wanna Get High

The last time I adhered to a theme, I got stuck watching three films about an evil clown dispatching thugs in the ghetto.  Hopefully, this forthcoming bundle of "special" reviews won't be nearly as painful.  As you know, I don't care for theme weeks/months, unless the theme itself is random and oddly specific.  It just so happens that I noticed a kooky congruity tying several b-pics together, and I thought it might be fun to tackle them.  Without further ado, I will be scoping out the following movies in May (they are not listed in any particular order).

Slaughter High
Monster High
Cemetery High (maybe, provided I can get ahold of it)
Zombie High
Full Moon High
Horror High

Obviously, I'll be focusing on titles that end with the word "high."  There are more of these than I realized.  I'm aware that I omitted Class of Nuke 'Em High and Return to Horror High (among a few others), but I wanted to stick to flicks that I haven't seen.

The festivities will officially begin later in the week.  As for tomorrow, you can expect to see a music review on your digital doorstep.  Stay tuned and prepare to get high!

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