Matches That Time Forgot #37

In the early 90's, it was customary to see cross-promotion between WCW and New Japan. I don't think that this reciprocal arrangement did much to benefit either company, but it gave the fans a chance to see a clump of unique match-ups. This particular bout involves Sting (in the verdure of his "surfer" stage) and Hiroshi Hase. Before I discuss the match itself, allow me to dish on Hase. He wrestled opposite The Great Muta in the infamous rumpus that led to the creation of The Muta Scale, a measuring stick that indicates how bloody a certain match is. He is also one of the few wrasslers to successfully transition into politics.

As for the match, it's...fucking awesome. Seriously, this is one of the best Sting matches I've ever laid eyes on. It doesn't hurt that Jim Ross is calling the action. Both men are babyfaces, and the crowd eats it up. Apart from a floundering botch towards the finish, this shit rules!

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