Matches That Time Forgot #36

Today, we're traveling back to 2012.  The WWE was in a state of disrepair.  The product was so diluted, I took an extended furlough from wrestling that lasted several months.  Surprise returns would pique my interest momentarily (it was good to see Paul Heyman back), but any momentum was quelled by inconsistent booking.  They say you can judge a promotion by the strength of its midcard talent.  In the spirit of denigration, let's watch a match from Superstars, a web-only show that barely existed in 2012.  We have Jinder Mahal versus The Great Khali, an encounter that was forgotten almost immediately.

Mahal was brought in to feud with Khali.  Over the next few months, they sparred, tagged (Khali's heel turn was forgotten before it happened) and sparred again.  Bear in mind, this bout occurred long after their program came to an abrupt halt.  It wasn't quite beating a dead horse; at this point, the horse had already been entombed in loam.  Hell, the horse was fucking mummified.  Nonetheless, Khali garners a ringing crowd reaction.  The WWE Universe loves beanstalk giants who can't talk, work or move.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say that he was using stilts to totter between the ropes.

Honestly, I dug Mahal.  It's not his fault that he was utilized in the most feckless ways imaginable.  Plus, he's straight out of 1992.  "I'm evil because I'm foreign!"

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