Suicide Squad

Katana hasn't been getting enough love.  It's Harley this, Harley that. And with good reason!  I understand; it's just that Katana is a badass who Suicide Squad invariably glosses over in favor of more popular characters.  There are a lot of "bad guys" here, maybe too many.  I didn't give a fuck about Captain Boomerang or that dude he was with for two scenes.  Did he have a name?  If it's not readily apparent by this point, I'm not a DC comics freak.  However, I've always paid attention to Batman on a surface level.  I've been a fan of Harley Quinn since I was a kid and watching Batman: The Animated Series was a part of my after-school regimen.  Suicide spindrift has mizzled upon me from green-purple skies, so I'm certified to speak on the matter.

First, fuckin' Harley.  I was worried about her dialogue going in (thanks, trailer), but most of it's fine.  I ended up loving the kooky broad.  No, it wasn't just because Margot Robbie is dream candy - especially as Harley Quinn.  Her personality felt right.  The only performance tic that rubbed me the wrong way was her stop-and-go accent.  BUT I was thrilled to hear it at all, as I assumed it wouldn't be making an appearance.  The same applies to the jester suit. 'Twas a flashback, I grant you, but when Harley appeared in full "old school" toggery, I realized...that I was a Harley Quinn fanboy.  I mean, I nearly squeed in the theater.  To be honest, I haven't been handling this revelation well, nor has my mother.  We ask for privacy at this difficult time.

Deadshot!  I don't see why they had to cast Will Smith, but my fears that he would be distracting proved to be unfounded.  He was probably given the most depth.  Naturally, the guy has charisma to spare, but I couldn't see him as Deadshot.  I saw him as Will Smith.  I didn't have that problem with anyone else in Suicide Squad, including The Clown Prince of Fuck.  Yeah, I think of Leto's take on The Joker as Heath Ledger merged with Marilyn Manson.  That's not necessarily a bad consolidation.  Didn't love him; didn't hate him.  I've read complaints about the way he was used, but in my eyes, this wasn't his movie.  The Joker is a bit player.  This is Harley's breakout picture.  If DC is smart (...), they'll drop this universe shit as soon as possible and return to stand-alone franchises.  Harley Quinn is a goddamn star.

In the first half of Suicide Squad, Enchantress is hot.  She's a nifty, mysterious witch with nifty, mysterious powers.  Then her and her brother fuck the world up with CGI.  Seriously, the final 30 minutes smell like the Ghostbusters remake.  I haven't bothered to absorb the Ghostbusters remake, but you know what I mean.  Jeesh.  The effects are terrible, slow-motion is overused, oh, and the stinger!  It nearly fell out of my brain.  It's...fuck, I can't spoil it.  It's useless.  I'll leave it at that.  Would I recommend Suicide Squad?  If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, please do so.  I spent this block of text grousing (some might say pissing and/or moaning), but I had a blast with this flick.

It's definitely flawed, but pay no mind to the bounding brine of extreme opinions bearing down on the web.  Form your own opinion. If you're interested in seeing the film, that is.  Would you look at that? I had zero intentions of writing a full review.  Might as well include a rating.  Robert Z'Dar says, "Don't drag me into this.  And don't...just don't!"

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