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I don't review as much music as I used to, but I've been meaning to rectify said breach.  I'm about to undertake a massive...um, undertaking.  The metallic among you know that Cannibal Corpse have just released their fifteenth album.  It is Violence Unimagined.  It is holy.  Eventually, I'm going to cover it, but not before covering the fourteen records that preceded it.  That's right, nation; I'm planning a Puppet Master Series Review redux where I swap out loopy (read: mostly shitty) b-horror in exchange for cool death metal.

This will be a tiring endeavor, but it won't be nearly as painful as subjecting myself to Puppet Master: The Legacy.  Still, I want to smooth over any potential sand traps that I encounter on the back nine, if you'll excuse the golf metaphors.  I won't have much to type on certain Corpse platters, so for the rare instances when I'm short on words, I'll utilize my patented Blood Capsule format (patent pending).  I'll need a catchy title for those bits.  After all, I'll probably do other "musical Blood Capsules" in the future.

Ideas?  Yes, I'm asking you.  The adventure starts in approximately one week.  You can hardly contain myself!

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