Rassle Inn #17

In a past entry, I questioned the logic of "invading" Impact Wrestling.  Cross-promotion activity is exciting, but it seems like AEW is reaching down to lift a nephew/niece so that the scamp can sit on an adult's shoulders.  Winning their top title should be a momentous occasion.  But it's Impact.  Holding AAA's Mega Championship is more impressive.  What does it mean to most viewers?  Sure, it's Mexico's number one wrestling company, but where does it rank in the States?  Hint: it doesn't.  I'd wager that MLW attracts a higher number of eyeballs online than any promotion south of the border.

Hold up!  I'm not trying to slam AAA (or CMLL, for that matter).  I did say that I was impressed by Omega's grab for gold.  He traveled to a different country during a pandemic for the business he loves.  To me - Dominic Jay Coccaro - The Cleaner is sitting at the apex of professional wrestling.  As Queen Elizabeth II would say, he is King Shit of Fuck Mountain.  However, most of America hasn't noticed.  Even capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship wouldn't shift tectonic plates, though it might cause a few extra heads to turn.  The combat sports world would only stir if Omega won a significant prize under the banner of...you guessed it.

When that does happen, you could probably guess the temperature it will be in Hell.  Again, I arrive at frustration.  AEW always does this shit to me.  How do I feel about Omega holding three championships from three separate companies?  I like it.  And I don't like it.  See, I was cursed with one of those active brains and I can see both sides of almost any issue.  The WWE looks at AEW's main event scene and laughs, especially now that Impact is involved.  Unfortunately for them and their universe, AEW's product is twice as entertaining (and that's lowballing it).

Apropos of nothing, you should check out MLW's Fusion.  Apparently, they are returning to live crowds and a new network in July.  They might just creep up the ladder without a Khan or a McMahon catching wind of it.

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