Is it too late to enter the slam dunk contest?

Watch out! Battle Kat is making his way down the aisle! He is an incredible athlete, a clandestine mat technician who can silence his opponents with...er, headlocks! And...um, dropkicks! Don't blink or you'll miss stealthy maneuvers like the...inside cradle...and...um, the suplex. Eat your heart out, Brooklyn Brawler?

So this is just a general update. Saturdays are usually reserved for Parts Unknown, but I'm holding off on the next installment of that column. It has to be special. Why, you ask? Because it will be the 100th edition of my world-renowned (or at least neighborhood-renowned) "wrestling review" series. I can't believe that I've penned 99 episodes of Parts Unknown. In the early days of Random Reviews Incorporated, I covered three different shows (Raw, Smackdown and even Impact). At present, I have pruned my diagnostic faculties down to one weekly blitz campaign. As much as I love the blue brand, it has been rather disappointing lately. That's why I continue to mix in auxiliary shows to keep things fresh (expect more WCW-centric columns in the future).

I'm not sure when Parts Unknown #100 will be posted, but next weekend would be a safe bet. Of course, this site tackles subjects other than wrestling. RR Inc. will always focus on horror entertainment. That's the bread and butter of what I write, and needless to say, I have plenty of movie reviews in the pipeline. In addition, I'll be drumming up a music review (gotta put those svelte Abbath ratings to good use) and a panel from beyond the grave. Stay tuned!

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