Matches That Time Forgot #29

I've used this column to talk about Bryan Clark in the past. He was known as Adam Bomb in the WWF before transposing himself over to the disarray of WCW. He debuted as Wrath, and he often tagged with Mortiis (most underrated gimmick of the 90's, says me). Eventually, Mortiis lost his mask, and Wrath was repackaged as a monster babyface. The crowd loved him. The powers that be obliged him with an auspicious push, but his momentum was extinguished by a self-seeking Kevin Nash. This match took place while Wrath was still ascending WCW's totem pole. His opponent? A post-ultimate Renegade.

What do I mean by post-ultimate? Some of you may be familiar with The Renegade, but for those blissfully unaware, he was rolled out in 1995 as The Ultimate Warrior Jr. The term "ripoff" would be a glaring understatement. Rick Wilson (the poor bastard beneath the tassels) was given a World Television Championship reign as The Renegade, but the character fizzled in 1996. Today's match that time forgot aired in 1998. At this point, Eric Bischoff had access to the real Warrior. Wilson kept "The Renegade" as his moniker, but he looked like any other generic musclehead. Relegated to jobber status, his career was on the skids.

Sadly, Wilson committed suicide the following year. Goodness gracious, I didn't realize how depressing this blurb would become. Enjoy the clip!

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