Matches That Time Forgot #34

How about some fluff? Here we have a well-oiled Ahmed Johnson (he must have hugged David Otunga before the match) squaring off against Shinobi. Who the hell is Shinobi, you ask? Why, it's Al Snow working one of the several ludicrous gimmicks he was encumbered with on his path to becoming the Al Snow we know and love. This is just pure comedy. The botch at the 3-minute mark almost made me spritz Pepsi-flavored sputum all over my keyboard. If that wasn't enough, Vince has Goldust on the phone. The Bizarre One recites a poem that effectively expresses his desire to play Roddy Piper's bagpipes, if you know what I mean. Oh, mid-90's WWF...I heart you so!

I can't believe that Ahmed was an Intercontinental Champion. Dig the Mankind vignette.

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