General Commentary

Well, what can you say? Money in the Bank was predictable, but there were bright spots. The dead crowd notwithstanding, I enjoyed the tag team match between Primo/Epico and The Primetime Players. AW is a heat magnet. He's beginning to cultivate an inviting persona. I'm hoping that the upset (if you can even call it an upset) will lead to a three-way dance for the Tag Team Championships.

Compared to last year's Smackdown ladder match, which inaugurated the proceedings with a combustible bang, this year's blue-tinted briefcase scrimmage was underwhelming. And that's being generous. Sure, the right guy won, but the action never escalated beyond a few isolated spots involving the "superstars" that didn't stand a chance. The main event was decent, save for the outcome. Punk and Bryan put on a wrestling clinic, but it's the fifth time we've seen them trade blows in 2012. This definitely didn't feel like a pay-per-view.

Consider my shoulders shrugged. At least Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins worked in some offense against Ryberg. Vanity Scare tomorrow, yo!

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