So I'm toying with the idea of creating a new column. Basically, it would be a forum for me to share cool websites that I visit. They could be related to movies, music or wrestling. Or they could be an addictive game. For instance, I've been playing Ultimate Robotoru for a week straight. Check it out on Adult Swim's site (click HERE). The botched dialogue spoofs the wonky typographical errors in Nintendo games of old, and it's cute, but the selling point is robot violence. Lots and lots of robot violence. It's fun, easy to pick up and it's challenging without being impossible. I've already beaten it, so now, I'm playing in "endless" mode where you max out your armor/weapons and kick unholy amounts of ass. Dig in!

Let me know if this sounds like it could be a decent column. Any and all feedback is much appreciated, provided that it's positive...just kidding. Or am I???

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