Blood Capsule #47


Colligated together from three episodes of a Japanese TV series, Evil Brain From Outer Space is the thing you can blame for Ultraman.  And anything resembling Ultraman.  Unfortunately, our superhero (dubbed Starman) has more in common with MST3K favorite Prince of Space.  This...this was cheesy for the late 50's.  I'm wondering if it was the Birdemic of its day.  Were the visual arts developed enough for dilettantes and parishioners to identify it as lobotomized neoteny?  Am I even qualified to make such a diagnosis?  Because it seems that a raving flake-cake has taken a scimitar to Evil Brain's frontal lobes.  Are you with me?  It's retarded, okay?  I was trying to be civil, but it's fucking retarded.

The plot is "good guy versus bad guys."  Oh, and there are children involved.  The two mutants who give Starman a run for his yen (one of which is pictured above) are admittedly cool, but they are dispatched so easily, I'm still not certain how they were dispatched.  And this slaphappy shit happened right in front of me!  I was present, man!  I believe that a space sultana is forced to submit to the kimura lock.  I don't know.  Evil Brain made me want to snort A LOT of cocaine.  Don't fucking watch it.

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