Geek Out #109

Remember Oddville?  It was an...odd talk show with odd hosts and odd guests.  It was odd.  It was also brilliantly funny, and I remember it as a last gasp for the "cool days" of MTV.  I never realized that Sunny made an appearance right at the kindling of the Attitude Era.  And this is prime Sunny.  She's fucking hot, and her amorous charisma is at full mast.  Erection pun?  You bet!

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  1. Wow, hadn't thought of Oddville in years. I actually think I might have caught this when it aired. Whoever programs MTV's On Demand service needs to add Oddville and other shows from the as you put it "cool days" to the Retro MTV line up.

    This really was the last of the "cool" days, although I admit to sticking around a bit longer. After Daria ended though, that was it for me. Well, until Beavis and Butt-head came back in 2011. That lasted long. Ugh.