"I eat white sugar!"

I just finished watching I Am Divine, and I wanted to bang out a few words while it was fresh in my mind.  This is a fantastic documentary about Glenn Milstead (a.k.a. Divine).  Here lately, I've been on a feverish John Waters kick.  I've always admired the man's work, but for whatever reason, my interest in his early trash period has reached a high noon vertex.  Of course, that also means that I'm a Divine fan.  Yes, there was 1985's Divine Waters, but it only told a fraction of his story.  1998's Divine Trash - another fine doc - focused on the entire Dreamland crew.  Now, Divine has his day in the sun, as Jeffrey Schwarz's tactful film covers everything from his childhood to his cannonade of disco records.

You can expect to see interviews with the usual suspects.  While it's great to hear from Mink Stole and Mary Vivian Pearce, it's the sit-down with Francis Milstead (Divine's mother) that grants I Am Divine an emotional crux, an unerring poise.  It recently swanked its way onto DVD, so give it a whirl pronto.

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