Blood Capsule #53


The last capsule I wrote was an appraisal of 1991's Teenage Exorcist.  I mention it only because that film and this film try to do the same thing.  They are both horror/comedy zappers, but Blood Diner gets it right.  It's not perfect; it's just a fancy-free pleasure trip, an entrada into a cannibal's kitchen.  Literally!  The plot concerns two brothers who want nothing more than to do right by their uncle (pictured).  I guess I should explain that Uncle Anwar died trying to appease an Egyptian goddess by hacking up virgins.  Naturally, his nephews endeavor to perpetuate the...family enterprise?  They're killing people anyway and selling the "leftovers" as bistro chum.

Initially proposed as a sequel to H.G. Lewis's Blood Feast, Blood Diner remodels the pillars of exploitation.  You want blood?  How about boobs?  Director Jackie Kong has you covered, and yes, that's a woman's name.  She knows how to drive this car.  She had driven it before with the less tantalizing The Being.  You're going to want to take it out for a spin if you haven't already.  It's a nice saturation of Frankenhooker, Bride of Re-Animator and of course, Blood Feast.  And Blood & Donuts!  That's a fun one.

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