The New Approach

In my mind, I've compared maintaining this website to being a pro-wrestler.  Ridiculous, right?  Well, hold on.  For almost six years now, I've worked on it under the imperial aegis of a full-time schedule.  Granted, that has been broken up by surgeries, tragedies and mandatory moves.  But when I commit to Random Reviews Incorporated, I commit full-bore.  Full-blast.  Full-shaft.  Full-fuck.  Full-cheesecake.  Inevitably, I have reached the part-time phase of my career as a "writer."  What does that mean?  Will I only work four or five PPV's per year?  Maybe one or two house shows?

It means that until further notice, I will post something (a review, a Geek Out, a Match That Time Forgot, etc.) once or twice a week.  It may be more frequent; it may be less frequent.  HOLY SHIT A NEW WYATT MEMBER JUST DEBUTED HOW TALL IS THAT MOTHERFUCKER--Woah, sorry.  I had to stop typing to watch Raw.

So basically, I'm going to update this digital narthex of nostalgia whenever I damn well please.  It all starts...whenever I damn well please!

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