Lie torpid to?

I'm almost fucking 31.  Of course, that's not old, but I feel old.  I still have problems (and I always will) with depression, so you'd think I'd be full of metal rage, but these days, I listen to quieter music.  For example, I just zoned out and played Chelsea Wolfe's entire discography.  It's awesome music to hibernate to, lie torpid to, vegetate to...you get the picture.  When metalcore first started "happening," I could hang with the screamy-screamy kids.  I, too, was a Shadows Fall fan.  But somewhere along the way, that shit died out, replaced with a covey of bands who all sound the same.

I'm too old for that shit!  If I'm going to listen to screamy-screamy stuff, it has to be the genuine article.  It has to be OLD SCHOOL.  I jam Death, Immolation, Mayhem, Demolition Hammer, Marduk, Grave, Unleashed, etc.  Otherwise, it will probably be melodic and from the 80's/90's.  There are exceptions to the rule.  Battlecross seems decent for a newer act.  I'm rambling now.  What was my point?  My point was there will be an Album Cover of the Week soon.  Oh, and I'm old.

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