Matches That Time Forgot #65

I have a nagging headache, but that hasn't stopped me from watching wrestling.  Of course, I'll be tuning in to Raw to see the Roddy Piper tribute.  I thought about showcasing one of his matches, but then I saw this one.  Mr. Perfect was hobbled by injuries before leaving for WCW, so he never got a chance to feud with Vince's Attitude Era studs.  He did work a short program with Shawn Michaels towards the tail end of 1993, but if you'll notice, this match took place in 1991.  HBK is still in Rocker mode, and the two of them sell their asses off.  Experts agree; these are possibly the best sellers in the history of the business.

By the end of this row, Marty Jannetty and Bobby (fucking) Heenan are at ringside.  The Brain starts the match on commentary.  He calls The Big Boss Man a "big Barney Fife," which got a laugh out of me.  There is a reason why it's called The Golden Era...

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