Wes Craven 1939-2015

"You haven't seen Shocker???"

I learned of Craven's passing early, early this morning.  In fact, I was still enveloped in the throes of sleep.  I was able to say "damn," but the gravity of his loss didn't occur to me.  My favorite directors are Bava and Cronenberg, but if I'm being honest, Craven might have been the most consistent scream king.  Sure, his resume is pocked with busts, but whose isn't?  He helmed four - four - fright flicks that are considered classics.  Of course, I'm referring to Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Motherfucking Elm Street, Scream and Vampire in Brooklyn.

I wish I had met the man and thanked him for creating Freddy Krueger.  The Crispy One scared the shit out of me until I was, like, 11 (okay, maybe 12).  My parents can attest to that.  I can't count how many times I woke them up from shrieking because Freddy was under my bed or stalking the hallways of my school.  In my dreams, that is.  The first Craven-tilled Elm Street entry that I watched AND loved was New Nightmare, which is still my most revered Freddy feature.

He made other solid works.  I dig The Serpent and the Rainbow, The People Under the Stairs, Shocker (fun cheese), Deadly Blessing (goofy cheese), Swamp Thing and yep, Red Eye.  Has Romero churned out a lean thriller in the last decade?  I think not.  But I didn't know him personally, and I'm willing to wager that most of you didn't either.  I can only offer my condolences to his friends and family.  Had no idea that he was badgered by brain cancer.  Hmm, "badgered" is probably underselling it.  Even when sincere, I'm a dickweed. *slaps forehead*

The horror community will miss you profoundly, Wes.


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  1. It was a big loss. That and James Horner this year (still in shock over that one).