Geek Out #124


Girlfriend: "Are we doing the right thing?  I've read the pamphlets, I've seen footage of the procedure, I've prayed, I've talked to God, I've talked to my family, I've talked to your family, I just...I just don't know.  My heart isn't sitting well."

Boyfriend: "Morton Downey."

GF: "What?"

BF: "He was one kooky cat, wasn't he?"

GF: "What the hell are you talking about?"

BF: "Y'know, he had Lloyd Kaufman on his short-lived talk show.  It was a nutty segment meant to promote 1988's Troma's War."

*uncomfortable silence*

BF: "Downey barely lets poor Lloyd speak before having him and his associate thrown off the set."

GF: "What are you trying to do to me?"

BF: "It's pretty obvious that it was staged, but it's still a gladdening vestige for fans of the weird and wobbly."

GF: "Gladdening vestige?  Who talks like that?"

*a nurse enters the waiting area*

Nurse: Miss?  It's time to kill your fucking baby.

BF: That reminds me; Dom said he's working on the next Soda Jerk.  Then he'll be reviewing a Troma-related film.  I wonder what it could be!

*the girlfriend begins to cry*

GF: *through tears* Who is Dom???

*the boyfriend gets up and leaves*

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