Skull Island in the Sun

Um, holy fucking shit?  I will say, I'm surprised that Warner is willing to reveal so much of Kong in the trailer.  Could be a mistake.  I'm hoping that there's a whole bunch of kewl shit in the movie that we won't know about until opening night.  Regardless, how badass was that???  I'm totally on board.  The cast is also to my liking, as I expect Tom Hiddleston to ably serve as the protagonist underpinning, just as I expect Brie Larson to serve as my celebrity crush (read: obsession) for the first quarter of 2017.  And she's a great actress!  Plus, you've got Sam Jackson with a military-grade weapon of some sort.  Now all I have to do is wait for nine agonizing months...KILL MY BODY AND SOUL.

For the record, I adored Peter Jackson's loving update of King Kong.  I had a couple of issues with it, but I am certainly at variance with the carping reaction it draws these days.  It wasn't bad, you guys.  Jack Black?  Okay, he was out of place.  I'm not suggesting that it measures up to the original, which very few films do.  I believe, by the way, that the 1933 King Kong might be the best film ever made, horror or otherwise.  Obviously, it's up for debate.  That could be an editorial for another day.

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