Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


Originally titled Burial at Sea, Jason Takes Manhattan is the slasher sequel that everyone loves to disparage. To be perfectly honest, I dig this flick. Yes, the poster is misleading and yes, the MPAA had a field day draining the death sequences dry, but this is a fun ride if you accept all of the flaws going in. Jason is still a badass. I like his swampy look here, and Kane Hodder's performance is full of personality. The pace is relentless, the body count is off the charts, and the heroine is somewhat agreeable. The side characters are ridiculous, but the core protagonists are easy to warm up to. Overall, this film is no worse than The New Blood or Jason Goes to Hell.

I, for one, appreciated the change in scenery. The campgrounds were getting old by the fifth installment, and I'm a rare bird anyway. You see, I'm not too crazy about the first four F13 chapters with the partial exception of
Part 3. The first two entries, in particular, put me to sleep quicker than a cap of Benedryl. They took themselves too seriously. At least with Jason Takes Manhattan, the filmmakers were in on the joke. You have to admit that the opening kill is well-executed. Nudity? Check. Atmosphere? Check. Cheesy music? Check. A harpoon impalement? Check. That's all I need, ladies and gentlemen. That's all I need.


  1. I like the boxing scene with Jason, where Jason knocks that guys head clean off!!! Not a bad sequel actually! I like that scene where Jason comes out of the mirror as well...its got some decent moments in it.

  2. The boxing scene has a bad memory for me. The first time I watched this movie as a teen as I was turning to look, while walking to the kitchen, right when Jason knocks the guys head off I hit my damn toe on something and it hurt like hell! But yeah the boxing scene was cool otherwise...

    Now, for the movie. I didn't hate it either although it had flaws of course. I wasn't crazy about the characters I guess, this was my biggest grievance. Jason was bad ass as always. It certainly wasn't the worst - Jason X and Jason goes to hell gets those votes.