In 1994, Live was a mediocre post-grunge band that had a few hits clogging up MTV and all of the "new rock" radio stations. They annoyed the fuck out of me. In retrospect, Throwing Copper is actually a listenable album, provided that you skip "I Alone" and "Lightning Crashes." I never want to hear those songs again. Now, instead of writing the usual mini-review, I'm going to describe the songs that I think are worth writing about in a flurry of self-important adjectives. The deeper cuts remind me of a plaintive, less rancorous Pearl Jam. Ed Kowaldsyufchurd comes across as a more sociable Ed Veddar. Both frontmen are intellectuals with passionate voices, though the PJ comparisons end there. Alright, enough bullshit...

"Dam at Otter Creek" - Loungy and emotional. Terrific build-up.
"Selling the Drama" - The first single. It wasn't played to death, so I never got sick of it. A solid rocker with an infectious hook.
"Iris" - Love the soft/loud dynamics that this decade was known for. Intense finish.
"Top" - Superb melodies. It's succinct without feeling abridged or incomplete.
"Shit Towne" - Again, an infectious hook. Memorable chorus.
"Stage" - Maybe the heaviest, angriest song Live has put to tape.
"Pillar of Davidson" - Haunting, faintly progressive. This one has an R.E.M. vibe.
"White, Discussion" - The last single, if my memory serves me correct. A politically-charged riff whirlpool. Dig it.
"Horse" - A nice closer. It has country/western undertones, but don't let that frighten you off.

Overall, Throwing Copper holds up rather well, if you don't count the hits that have eroded from over-exposure. It's hard to listen to straight through, but that's just me yapping. Do pay a visit to Mental Jewelry, Live's mainly acoustic debut. Everything else they've done pales in comparison to their early material. Isn't that always the case?


  1. This was my first ever CD back in 1995 or something, and I loved it and I still do love it and I often go back and give it a listen. I've always been a fan of Live and I like their old and new stuff. I think this was definitely one of the better albums from the mid 90's and it had awesome cover art.

  2. ONe of my favorite albums, the kind I like to listen to from beggining to ending. My favorite one I think is Shit Town and Waitress.

    Come on baby leave some change behind...

  3. I remember this cover. There are two songs I really dig from Live. Truth be told I haven't heard most of the songs from this album, need to look them up.

  4. This was from their anthemic/hatred towards authority phase. Everything post-Secret Samadhi celebrates life but their sales went down. And then their singer pulled out the rug from the other guys in 2005. Heard their in a lawsuit territory now. I bet the other guys relaunch the band and get a new singer 2-3 years from now.