Dead Links #8

Okay, I promise that this is the last time I'll mention VHS collecting.  For a little awhile.  I've always admired VHS, but it wasn't until I discovered a certain Facebook group ('tis the dead link at hand) that I became bedlamized into the community.  Yes, there is a community.  It's a lattice of "tapeheads," a grillwork of fans who trot out their most prized possessions and buy/sell/trade amongst themselves.  This particular group is for boasting about your collection.  I've spent countless hours scrolling through pictures of oddball obscurities and keeping a mental list of films I might want to splurge on in the future.

Speaking of splurging, you'll have plenty of opportunities to procure rarities that never surface on eBay or Amazon.  Scanning such baubles with an empty bank account is pure Hell.  No, really.  Dancing flames, pitchfork sodomy, the anguished screams of aborted children...the whole nine yards.

PS-It's a screenshot from a shot-on-video antique.  I figured that you were going to ask eventually.  Care to hazard a guess?  I'll give you a hint; it's definitely not Tales From the Quadead Zone.

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