Dead Links #9

In 2012, the Internet is saturated with fansites.  You can find a review of virtually any movie that was ever released (and some that weren't).  For would-be journalists such as yours truly, it's hard to stand out amongst the crowd and make a dent with your own findings.  I'm old enough to remember when there were only a handful of sites that catered to bizarro, singular tastes.  Okay, it wasn't that long ago, but I sure do feel ancient.  Badmovies.org was one of the haunts wherein I would perch in the days before there were enough blogs to constitute a "blogosphere."  There was no Facebook, no YouTube, no Random Reviews Incorporated...God, can you imagine?

I was pleased to see that Badmovies.org is still kicking.  Obviously, they specialize in cheese, as evidenced by the example I have given (I'm not convinced that Munchies and Munchie exist in the same universe).  The reviews are fun and exceedingly detailed.  Check it out when you're not busy writing Harvey Korman fan fiction.

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