Blood Capsule #37


A drab, heather-slate fullscreen transfer can't mask endearing storytelling or nuanced performances given by veteran actors.  Real quick, though...fullscreen?  Really?  I refuse to buy this series on Blu-ray.  I won't do it.  I just can't believe that one of the most filling entries in the Puppet Master series is presented as a VHS rip.  Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by Toulon's Revenge.  It's a prequel set in Nazi Germany that grants us a glimpse into the genesis of our malignant marionettes.  We learn the impetus behind Blade and Leech Woman, for example.  Ol' Andre is making waves with his "high-tech" puppet shows, and Nazi officials are keen to discover his secret.

I have neglected to mention this in my other reviews, but the stop-motion effects are simply stupendous.  The puppets themselves are fluid and glutted with character.  Six Shooter is a dandy addition to the gang, but to be blunt, Guy Rolfe steals the screen as Toulon.  He's a protagonist again (like in the original), and Rolfe does a copacetic job of conveying his innate warmth.  I wanted the good guys to win, so this totally works as a revenge movie.  It actually has replay value.  The franchise probably should have stopped here, but I haven't even reached the halfway point yet.  Hopefully, the next sequel is directed by - oh, I don't know - Jeff Burr.  Just throwing a random name out there.

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