Matches That Time Forgot #58

Hulk Hogan versus Sting.  Macho Man is at ringside.  Both Hogan and Savage are decked out in black (with white trim).  There are issues of trust at play.  Sounds like any marquee match from NWO-era WCW, doesn't it?  But hold the phone!  This bout is from 1995.  I doubt that Eric Bischoff was planning an invasion angle this far in advance, but he may have been testing the waters for a Hogan heel turn.  Early on in the Monday Night Wars, Hogan briefly hinted at villainous conduct.  He was feuding with the Dungeon of Doom at the time (oy), and he wasn't convinced that Sting's heart was 100% righteous, brother.

Ridiculous storyline, but it served its purpose.  The crowd was ready to boo The Hulkster.  If this match was, in fact, part of a dry run for Bash at the Beach '96, then Bischoff was able to gauge the general state of affairs and proceed accordingly.  The tussle itself is surprisingly engaging.  Man, Sting was over in a major, major way.  Here's to hoping that he decides to retire after a proper send-off...at the WWE Hall of Fame.

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