Blood Capsule #39


Why does this film exist?  I know that Full Moon had just diffused, and Band probably wanted to keep the Puppet Master brand as pertinent as possible.  Didn't he realize that he could achieve his goal with an actual sequel?  I don't care how much money you have in your bank account.  If you have the audacity to maintain an efficacious, long-running franchise, you better put some goddamn effort into it.  The Legacy (released by Band's transitory Shadow Entertainment shingle) clocks in at 80 minutes.  This is a rough estimation, but 55 of those minutes contain footage gleaned from the first seven chapters in what is slowly revealing itself to be the most ill-advised saga of all time.

The "plot" deals with one of Andre Toulon's protégés.  Somehow, a woman (and that's all we know about her) has tracked down the old bugger, and she wants the secret behind the malevolent puppets.  The action is confined to a small room.  I can't imagine Band spending upwards of a thousand dollars on this production, and that's including the actors.  Credit Charlie Boy for attempting to disembroil his pet series, but in linking the sequels/prequels together (ass to mouth, baby!), he creates a brand new myriad of questions.  Who sent the bitch?  How did she locate the tech wiz from PM4 and PM5?  Was Toulon evil after all?  Whose finger is jabbing my prostate?  For those curious, we're in zero Z'Dar territory.  Fuck Puppet Master: The Legacy.  Fuck it hard.

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