Blood Capsule #49

Things have smoothed over a bit, so for the time being, it looks like I can fall back into my schedule.  Thanks to those who sent words of encouragement.  I may have to suspend activity again at a moment's notice.  It's touch-and-go.  If I'm feeling too down or stressed about shit, I'll simply take a longer break.  However, I'm alright now.  Sorry for remaining opaque, but clearly, it's a private matter.  The well wishes are much appreciated.


Videos!  It was fun to rent them back in the day, but the main characters in Screamtime swipe a troika of horror tapes from an unwary reel repository.  The assholes.  They proceed to watch their boodle at some chick's house.  We are not told how these merry-andrews (Satan as my witness, that's an actual term) relate to one another, but the chick spends three hours getting ready for a date.  Have you caught on yet?  We have an anthology on our claws, crony.  I just described the wrap-around segment.  It was shot in New York, while the stickum of Screamtime was shot in England.  I did my homework (not really), and no one seems to know where the vignettes originated from.

Allow me to count the ways.  #1!  Punch and Judy puppets come to life.  Fucking creepy.  This is the only story that has a pert sense of pacing, and the acting isn't shabby either.  #2!  A scruffy, routine tale of the supernatural.  It lags, but it's saved by a formidable twist ending.  #3!  Garden gnomes larrup an avaricious fuckwit.  God, this one is slow.  And stupid.  It's a shame that Screamtime sputters across the finish line.  If you're big on compendium pictures, this is a decent sit, garden gnomes occluded.  The assholes.

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