Well, everyone else is doing it...

Click HERE!  Be sure to watch the (short) video.  Where does the link take you?  I have created a Patreon campaign.  I enjoy working on this site, but things are financially dire.  It doesn't make feasible sense to put a ton of effort into writing and updating shit daily when you're a broke 29-year-old about to dry hump 30.  I need money to live.

Donations are optional, but if you click the LINK, you'll find that I'm only asking for one dollar per month.  That's the minimum, and besides, there are rewards.  Check it out.  Mull it over.  I hate, hate, hate asking for pittance, but I see so many other "content creators" doing it, and a lot of those folks have other sources of income.  I don't.  It is what it is.

Now I'm depressed. lolz

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