Terrible Awful Bad

Nevermind The Rock's four-color cameo.  I simply needed a random, yet tubular image to shadow this post.  I just wanted to say that the main event of Sunday's SummerSlam was great.  Perfect even!  If only it happened in 2012.  I won't nitpick Brock's herculean subjugation of John Cena, though.  That's the part of the card that I'm cool with.  After watching Raw tonight (or half of it, as I tapped out early), I realized that I'm fucking annoyed with the bulk of WWE's product.  Whenever the scales are askance and stooped catawampus, I stop watching for a little while.

Where do I begin?  I've had it with the incessant replays, the affected Bella twin promos (gag me with a spoon-shaped dildo), the flagrant misuse of the roster (might as well oust Kofi and Xavier) and the total derogation of Paige.  How about giving the Diva's title a match longer than 5-6 minutes?  Yeah, Brock is a badass champion, but where does he go from here?  And why the fuck is Dean Ambrose flirting with Hollywood?  If that's what he wants, I wish him success, but it seems like he JUST arrived.  Raw will suffer without his Funk-by-way-of-Pillman charisma.

I'm sticking with NXT for the time being.  Simple professional wrestling with booking that respects its talent.  What a novel goddamn concept.

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