Matches That Time Forgot #63

I could actually write a novel about this match, but I'll leave some of the research to you.  We have Daffney versus MsChif, battle of the scream queens.  This altercation went down in Shimmer, a badass women's promotion planted in Chicago.  You may recognize Daffney from her time in TNA.  Old schoolers may recognize her from the withering years of WCW where she associated with Crowbar and David Flair.  MsChif is a goddamn goddess.  If you're not privy to her neon black dotage, don't converse with me.  Look her up, asshole.  She dresses like a Type O Negative album cover, for snatch's sake.

This was the independent female surrogate for The Rockers' termagant break-up.  It could have easily been a 20-minute clinic, but Daff and Chif tell a story in 10 (and it's still a clinic, I might add).  The grappling is fierce.  Man, I need to use this column to showcase more laydeez.

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