Album Cover of the Whatever

Sourvein is a sludgy, sludgy sludge band that a friend turned me onto...thanks, Tom!  I've only spun two of their records (er, digitally), but I'm loving Black Fangs.  Aquatic Occult is a quality release, but it doesn't bring the fucking sludge quite as much.  Of course, that doesn't matter if we're talking about album art, which we are.  As it relates to handicraft and acrylic polymer emulsion (?!?), Aquatic Occult is the clear victor.  Judge for yourself HERE.  I think you'll agree, though my well-documented love for anything turquoise or seafoam green is swaying my decision.

Dear Satan no.  Is that--it is!  In the top-left corner, you'll spot a hurricane.  How did Irma waft her way onto an album cover?  That bitch!  NOTE: I don't mean to make light of a violent storm that is sure to kill everyone in Florida.  Damn, even that was a tasteless joke.  I never should have mentioned the hurricane.  Ignore me and stay safe, friends.

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