NXT Round-Up

So there will be matches "over the coming weeks" to determine the participants of a Fatal 4-Way at the next Takeover event for the vacant NXT Women's Championship.  Cool!  I'll be curious to see if any of the Mae Young Classic competitors will appear in these qualifying matches.  I somehow doubt it, but you never know.  And I'll reserve my pick for the winner.  Too soon.  I mean, I've made my pick, but it's too soon to reveal it.

LARS SULLIVAN VS. ONEY LORCAN ~ Oney has been put over as a deranged, tough-as-nails opponent, and he got a few clean shots in.  It didn't matter.  My God, did it not matter.  This was the equivalent of Lars being shot in the head and spitting out the bullet.  As I typed a few weeks ago, there is only one direction a monster heel can go, if you're following logic.  Up!  They have invested a great deal in making Lars seem indestructible, so they'll have to tread very carefully going forward.  Post-match, Mr. Lorcan was saved from further thrashing by none other than Danny Burch!  Could my wish be fulfilled?


LIV & LET LIV ~ Liv Morgan (the petite blonde hottie) squared off against Vanessa Borne.  To be clear, this is not one of the preliminary bouts to decide three of the four spots in the Fatal Four Way at Takeover: Houston.  The match itself was mediocre.  Liv still doesn't have much offense, while Borne is still green.  But they're both inexperienced.  My jury is out.

KASSIUS OHNO VS. FABIAN AICHNER ~ Ohno excels at letting the other guy "get his shit in."  And he does it without losing too much.  Aichner was an impressive lad from the Cruiserweight Classic, and he spent the bulk of this encounter on top.  Good stuff.

YOUR MAIN EVENT ~ Cole and Young tussled for 5-6 minutes, but it was nothing to write home about.  Mere storyline progression.  If you already know the basics of this feud, you can skip the match altogether.  Cole did announce the name of his squadron.  They are Undisputed.  I am Dom Coccaro.  I am tired.  Signing off!

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