Sex, Lies, and COVIDeotapes

That's a chunk of the censored artwork for Cannibal Corpse's epic Tomb of the Mutilated, one of the best death metal albums of all time.  Obviously, I'm not reviewing it yet (I'll have the Butchered review done by Sunday), but I wanted to say a couple of things.  A) CC's censored covers are still pretty sweet.  B) See that rotting zombie gentleman front and center?  That's me, or at least that's how I feel.  No, I don't have Covid.

My mother and I received our second Pfizer vaccinations yesterday, and golly shit, our side effects have knocked us loopy.  We're both freezing.  Without grossing anyone out, we have had materials eject themselves from the piths of our cores.  We MIGHT be trending in the right direction?  This shouldn't last too long.  Unfortunately, I was going to post a Blood Capsule, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Please keep us in your twats and bears.

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