I rank Kreator above Slayer and Anthrax. Personally, the mad German thrashers have hit closer to home with their brand of furious, yet melodic speed metal. I see Coma of Souls as the band's zenith. Others may side with Pleasure to Kill or Extreme Aggression, which are classics in their own right, but I prefer the mature, all-encompassing sound of this album. This is Kreator's Rust in Peace. The brutality is met with savvy songwriting, the production is heavy, and the guitar work is articulate. Coma of Souls is a crashing example of textbook thrash that will please veterans and newcomers alike.

Leadoff track "When the Sun Burns Red" sets the tone for the rest of the album. We get an acoustic intro, bruising riffs, a memorable chorus, and a stacked solo that completes the song. It's basically perfect. The title tune follows with a mid-pace stomp that cracks your ribs and steals your woman. "People of the Lie" is a live staple for a reason (love the verse riff). "World Beyond" is a two-minute fire drill that ups the ante in terms of dynamics. "Agents of Brutality" contains one of my all-time favorite Kreator solos, and believe me, it sits at the top of a long fucking list. Every lead outstrips the one before it.

Mille Petrozza exhausts himself in every department. Coma of Souls features some of his angriest vocal performances, and of course, he rips on the axe. Looking at Kreator's discography, this record is tops as far "old school" output is concerned. Overall, it's hard to say whether I prefer it or Enemy of God, which was the ultimate comeback album. Don't make me choose. They're both 5-Z'Dar affairs.


  1. it really very good.
    I love it !
    I like it !
    thanks :)- .


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  3. My sentiments exactly. CoS is a great mix of heaviness and mature song construction, the latter of which doesn't show up as much in the first 4 albums. That, to me, is why Enemy of God and Violent Revolution are also so enjoyable.