I've seen a ton of ads for the Maneater series. I have to admit that I'm kind of intrigued by the simple-minded storylines and the focus on goofy monsters. But I shouldn't get too excited. These are just Syfy Channel "originals" under a different tag. Wyvern is just a dragon movie. Apparently, a Wyvern is an actual mythological creature. It took a chunk out of Odin and was banished from the halls of Valhalla. Or something like that. Of course, the dragon is computer-generated, but the effects aren't too shoddy. We see the whole thing in broad daylight within the first three minutes. I liked the fact that the production team behind this chortle-inducing cheapie didn't try to hide the Wyvern in the shadows or in the blackness of the night sky.

There is nothing subtle about this film. No, sir. It wastes no time getting to the action. On a character level, most of the townspeople are morons. The acting isn't horrible, but no one is well-developed. Wyvern is set in Alaska, and the scenery is beautiful. This is a professional-looking project. I don't begrudge straight-to-video CGI rushjobs. Really, I don't. This is one of the least offensive Syfy Channel flicks that I've seen, as it kept me entertained and it kept me guessing as to who would die next. It wasn't as gory as I was hoping it would be, which is surprising, considering the lofty body count.

Will I remember Wyvern a few months down the road? It's doubtful. It's a decorous little b-movie, though. Chalk this one up as "so-so." If you rent it, I can't be held responsible for any buyer's remorse.

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  1. If you like dragon movies that are "alright" yet fun, I recommend you see Dragon Wars, not a bad movie, I enjoyed the effects and the Dragon Action, they really tear up the city!

    Its nothing as cool as Dragonslayer (still my favorite Dragon movie to date) but it makes for a fun watch, specially for fans of Dragon films.