Off Day is ON!

I'm moving my off day up a few days because I'll need more time to watch season one of a really cool TV show that I'll be reviewing tomorrow. Things are about to get exciting here at Random Reviews. Next week, I'll be unveiling a COOL CONTEST where the lucky winner will win a few random goodies. Speaking of goodies, I thought it wouldn't hurt to list a handful of movies that I'm currently looking for. If you own one of them on VHS/DVD/DVD-R, and you don't mind parting ways, I'll pay you in American currency for them (I'm also open to trading). These flicks are hard to come by, and I'd love to review them for the site. I'll even use real money!

The Black Sleep
From Hell it Came
Murders in the Zoo
Invasion of the Saucer Men
Ghost Town
Screams of a Winter Night
The Maze

Stay tuned...more groovy reviews are on the way!

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