Dead Links #3

These days, it's hard for a geeky fansite to stand out amongst the crowd. The blogosphere is saturated with b-movie worship and outmoded memes. In order to gain any traction, you need to approach familiar topics from a unique angle. At the very least, your site needs to have a distinct look. Dinosaur Dracula is both original and visually palatable. Webmaster/freelancer/prime mover Matt talks about things that interest most 11-year-old boys. Horror movies, action figures, cartoons, candy, board games...y'know, things that we are supposed to repudiate as we stride into adulthood.

I can only speak for myself, but I still dig those innocuous leisure pursuits. Matt does, too. He has written great articles that explore such varied subjects as the Friday the 13th franchise's VHS cover art (my favorite is Jason Lives, by the way) and Krang. If you don't know who Krang is, please remove yourself from my website. Look, I'm not a violent person. Just back away, and no one has to get hurt. Where was I? Oh, visit Dinosaur Dracula. The guy builds robots out of Twizzlers and marshmallows, for crying out loud.

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