Random Thoughts About Dream Warriors

This isn't a formal review. I just wanted to scribble down a few thoughts on A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors since I revisited it earlier today. Unlike most of the films in this series, I don't have nostalgic ties to this sequel. And yet, I love it so. That leads me to think it might be the best Elm Street entry. Might. I still say that New Nightmare rules the roost, but Dream Warriors did the most meritorious job of blending visceral horror with colorful camp. Wes Craven and Chuck Russell were able to synchronize sight gags with legit scares. That's no small feat.

Look at The Dream Master. Sure, it's a convivial amusement park ride, but it was far too polished. Case in point, the end credits are accompanied by a euphonious Sinead O'Connor arrangement. Fuck that shit! Plus, they killed off Kristen, and they deemed it necessary to devalue her character before feeding her to Freddy. Who needs that dreck when Dream Warriors submits Dokken, marionette torture, Patricia Arquette, a syringe glove, an astonishing pair of breasts (courtesy of Stacey Alden), Laurence Fishburne and a souped-up wheelchair for our approval?


  1. Best one in the series no doubt, my favorite is the Worm Freddy Creature that gulps up Patricia Arquette, awesome sequence, when Freddy says "YOU!" Awesome. Plus, the make up effects on this one was some of the best in the series. Also: is it just me or is this the scariest version of Freddy? The best looking one. For me Freddy looked the worst on parts 5 and 6...but on this one...he looked really fucked up. Awesome movie.

  2. Hmm, tough to say. Honestly, New Nightmare Freddy scared me the most as a kid.